Payment Process

I Don't have Credit Cards (PayPal , VISA , MasterCard , American Express) OR Don’t Want To Use It
If You Don’t have Credit Cards (PayPal , VISA , MasterCard , American Express) OR Don’t Want To Use It :
  • Select “Pay at Agency” ,when you want to Choose Your Payment Method.
  • Don’t Worry About Paying , We Will Contact you.

Reserve Now , Pay Later

 Top questions

What time do I need to be at the airport?

We advise you to be at the airport 3 hours in advance. Always double check this information on the airline’s website.

We strongly advise you to check-in online for your flight so you are always up to date on your flight schedule.


I want to add extra luggage in addition to my current luggage allowance

You can add luggage to your booking at the airline’s website. You have to sign in to manage your booking. Use your online check-in number to sign in; you can find the number on your e-ticket.

Can I take a pet with me?

Is your dog, cat or another pet travelling with you? Read the below information for bringing your pet on board.

The rules for taking pets on board vary per airline. A small pet is generally permitted in the cabin – in a special kennel (as long as no other animals are in the cabin). Larger animals must be transported in the hold. (Also in a special kennel). Conditions and costs depend on the airline.

You can find the information (prices and conditions) for the transportation of pets on the airline’s website.

How can we change the ticket reservation language?